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There are so many topics to talk about. I don’t even know where to begin, except to fuse them all into one. I am my own guru. I study every philosophy and technique, picking and choosing the pieces that fit in my puzzle.

For starters, the biggest hurdle for most is to be able to step away from religious belief. As heretical as this sounds, you will quickly see beyond the deception. You may think preposterous, but once you see how the Bible hides truth from the masses intentionally, you will begin to truly see light for the first time. 

Society is built on fear and opportunity. This led to oppression and horrible wealth distribution. Staggering numbers of humans die each day because of poor situations, while others have waste abundance issues. Change is coming. This change needs to be addressed, but my only insight is my own goals and ambitions that arise from somewhere. 

The domestic cat in my lap probably isn’t any type of spirit animal guide, only a near friend. An animal whom I relate easily and bond. I feel I may draw energy from her while I soothe her abunant energy. She has too much and petting her seems to calm her, but more than on just a physical level. 

Discussion of spirit animal guides and for power. I’m unsure of much of this, but I am willing to imagine I know several consistent sitings that cannot be coincidence (err standard meaning). I used to see lone eagles EVERYWHERE. On my trips to CO. In my front yard while playing with kids. Then hawks. 

One hawk, my sister and kids named. Lightning, was it, or Flash. I dunno. Flash snatched up a snake nearby their walk one day!! Snakes are cool and all, but it is still pretty awesome to hear about. 

I only saw single birds. But then I also started hearing owls at night. One day while playing hide & seek with the kids, I was hiding. I ran and climbed a tree beside the pond and knew the little ones would never find me (they didn’t used to look up!! hahaha). But then a ploy!! I heard them screaming about an owl. But then I heard my sister across the yard, she saw it. I was still in the tree, peering around to see. But I couldn’t  — the kids saw me, so I sprinted away…

About that time, the rest of family for Thanksgiving showed up. It was nearly dusk, but still bright. We all stood out in the yard watching this huge owl. The eyes were dilated in the sunlight. He stared at us. I felt he was staring at me. Jet black eyes. He was there for me.

The owl sat on the branch with about nine folks staring and talking. We were right under him almost, not quiet, he just stared at me. Several minutes—then he flew away. 

And now: I see buzzards everywhere. Ants or tiny builder bugs, spiders, and buzzards.

Fortunately? I know symbology of these things and it basically mimics the throat chakra. Saying that I’m ready to build with cautious effort. 

The eagles, I dunno, on a path that was high in spirit. As in my trips to mountains for meditation and fasting. 

Enough for now; I need a break. Maybe I’ll blow this candle out, get out of the bathroom, and take Little Girl back outside to the freezing air and snow. I want to smuggle her to my room. 

9:49pm, Thursday, 1.4.2018

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