YouTube Video Topics 2

I could have continued the same post, but they tend to get rambly. Even within basic topics. With the way in which I think, that is what happens. I drift on towards a tangent that will end as it drifts into another tangent. With any reading of my dribble, you will see as such. 

And that is another reason to begin a dedicated site with legitimate pages with target-specific goals. To explain one concept, and not connect all dots at once. 

I mean, like I don’t even have a great gimmicky handle, name, for the channel. I could just use my real name. That feels okay; I could be harassed I suppose, but I want people to find me for now. I could call myself The Rain King, but some gamer dude has TheRainKing already. And it’s kinda lame since that’s just one aspect. If I wanted another symbolic name that I imagined, I prefer I am Tation. To be examined later. 

All that is gimmicky until it feels totally right. Gimmicky, like a “magician’s name”. Not like it’s bad, trashy, or the like — I’m just not too hip to that for myself yet. I do have my symbol to begin with. It is my tattoo, once I make that happen:

Or a bit of variation. I still need to get that on paper to play with again. I do like it as is. A video to talk on this topic for sure! This topic is fun and intriguing: MAGIC. Specifically: how to draw Magic(k) Sigils. 

These have done marvelous things in recent months and I have proof (almost…kind of), but I cannot explain until it fully develops and I inform the “unknowing participants”. As a hint if they happen to be reading (I sincerely doubt it), I showed them the drawing and told them I’d give a hundred bucks if you make this come true. And 50 if you can tell me what it is (through wierd psychic ability). 

Then I placed it on their refrigerator. It is still there and I owe a hundred bucks now!!

Coincidence? I don’t like the word used in that manner. Yes, it worked. AMAZINGLY QUICKLY!!!

It is only very beneficial stuff. Only the best intentions. I really really want to come out with it, but this still needs to grow stronger and develop before I spill the beans & I DON’T HAVE $100 TO SPARE!!!

I could use a variation of The Hypnotist or Shaman, but I have only dabbled inbeach field (successfully on both accounts). I Am The Alchemist. Perhaps, I have jumped full tilt into two aspects of Alchemy. 

With the magic and already having productive magic, I could use my priest name of I Am Tation, or just Tationthe essence of. Whereas I Am Tation is the Essence of I Am. 

I am very fond of the last variation because it has developed from the name Imitation. The name of which I named my discipline priest in World of Warcraft (WOW) in my gamer years. Imitation can be broken down symbolically in its own process. It is too much to delve into now. My mind must go to a certain place and I’m not there now. I’m loaded with cookies and food now. 

Imitation to Imi Tation to Ima Tation to I Am Tation. But it goes deeper in thought. Tation was very difficult to find a meaning for. I more or less had to figure to out on my own. But then I received confirmation. That could be a great video. I know others talk about magical names or avatars. That is my healing avatar — for now. 

Magic relics: I have collected pennies with a high copper content. Only recently, and I have gained plenty in one go. In one day. I aim to create a Relic and if can gain enough purity, create a drinking vessel out of. Or just a token to wear as a necklace or for a gift. Copper is used for healing, and with its memory as money, could go toward a charm with financial motivations. 

Maybe even use the copper to create Runes. The runes are the symbols that create my sigils. The runes in copper, cast into a full mold or even CNC’d by a friend. That could be a great video. 

But video topics to just talk about crying. Talk about all the embarrassing crying that you go through during this process. As a man. Hell, as a former redneck. As a welder, as a cable installer, electrical worker, a construction worker, a cubicle dwelling engineer, we aren’t supposed to have emotions. But going through “this process”, you cannot control yourself if you want to reach the end. As easy as it finally gets — it is horrible in the beginning. 

Crying as a man is not embarrassing once you are in proper company. Mind you, if you are in that company, you tend to be either helping or being helped at the time. Awkward tension is gone around the proper friends. 

I am blessed to have found that so soon into the process. I have a friend to take care of, to guide because somehow we are binded here. But then too, have had much needed confirmation through their own story and have been guided still by other new friends. My network has doubled in size within days it seems. And friends have not fleed like I worry over. 

Videos about the coincidences should be plentiful. Videos about gaining your voice  — and of my throat chakra challenge. That of my vocal cords & beyond — until recently where I have finally become comfortable speaking. I feel that blockage is gone. Or nearly gone. Very nearly gone. 

Talk about energy and walk through the idea of energy. Of how it feels to me. Of how I feel others’ energy now. Both good and bad. Positive or negative. Force field or Magnet. I’m starting to feel it more. I feel it now like a mild buzz that connects my ears to my hands as I hold this phone near my face, pecking with one finger at the digital keyboard. 

But then there is numerology. Which matches spellcraft and our English alphabet. Which matches runic symbology and geometric anomaly. Then there is basic geometric shapes with symbolic meaning that matches religious symbology and mythology. 

The Dot Connector would work. That’s what I do. That is a thirty minute video to explain my thinking process. And how that relates to others. 

Then there is others… I have one healer friend who wants in on the YouTube channel. She desls with shamanic practices. She performed a bit on me. 

Hey, there’s my three minute warning for 11:11. At 11:08, I spot it. I see it coming. I can prepare for the gateway and send out my prayer during that special moment. 


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