The Buzzard Projects

The big deal. To begin changing my surroundings. To fulfill those lifelong dreams to enact big changes within society. The time is nigh. 

I have so many in mind with scale as grand. Others are minor in comparison but none are easy. None. 

  • A company that sells toilets. Not just normal toilets, but pushing towards asian style, crouching toilets. Where also is a juice bar. With paid showers (and free showers for homeless). Toilets “on display” to be used as a public bathroom. To draw in public’s eye. 
  • A juice bar, with yoga room, a teacher/host, and small herb garden & wheatgrass garden. 
  • Same as above except with 1/2 acre permaculture farm plus caretaker. 
  • Multiple permaculture properties wiyh caretakers. These houses to be rented as AirBnB destinations and even as an “experience destination”. 
  • These projects all are aimed at getting cheap vegetables and juice to people. To poor and rich. Sell and/or donations as possible. 
  • A large dream is a bicycle path across the USA with permaculture forests along the path. With campgrounds and land stewards throughout that look over, protect, pillage, and donate from. Many races could use the track as one does not exist. This is an extremely large project. 
  • Another is to build a magnetic device to harness energy more efficiently. I’ve an idea in my head that needs to be examined and imagined and developed. Yet, I see this as another grand project at scale outside of my current ability. 
  • There’s lower projects as building calestinic parks (spelling?) — monkey bars, parallel bars, etc… for adults!!! (And children). Where obstacles like Savage or Titan Races are designed and used. 

Break time:

11:34pm, Thursday, 1.4.2018

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