MeetUp Announcement 

I posted this message for my Meetup clan. There are 55 of them. Hopefully anyone will answer the call. 

Link to my website page.
The call is for help with a YouTube channel and to push forward with the Permaculture dream. 

I do have one guy with me already, but so much intensity needs to go towards this project and in there, I need help. I have the intensity, but lack some skills that others have surplus of. I have topics out the wazzoo and love the problem solving, but I need assistance. And $$!! Crowdfunding sounds scary alone. Lonely too. I’m done with loneliness. 

Running on my three minute warning of 3:33. I’m gonna lounge in this bath and wait for the snow to melt. 

3:31pm, Friday, 1.5.2018

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