Miami Miami 

Oh but can I even afford to travel? Location is no problem, I sleep in the car, but I want to buy recording equipment even. WHY DO I NEED TO GOBTO FORT LAUDERDALE???

To see a shaman ?

There is an abundance of shaman practitioners down there. A actual shaman, legit from Peru, uses facilities there. But appointments are not cheap. I don’t even know how much cash I have. 

Rent is expected on Friday; that will definitely assist. But not to cover all expenses for whatever I’m even doing?!

I’ve applied to one job for drafting there. I want it. I may get it. And there is much more on Craigslist. I bet I could find a cheap van down there too. I want to overhaul a van for sleeping. 

I’m tempted to go tonight!!

Even if I need to come back, I could skip out on the new job from Friday. Tomorrow, all of Savannah will be shutdown anyhow due to snow. 

I need to sink deep in a salt bath for a bit. Sleep a few hours and let this settle a bit. The night won’t be good for driving much anyhow. That car’s heater doesn’t work and that’s no good for defrost. 

But why anyway? I thought I’m supposed to be here now. Why am I getting sign to drive eight hours south and have no exact destination in mind?

It’s pure crazy. 

8:54pm, Wednesday, 1.3.2018

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