Going Public 

It’s freezing outside. I was out for my first day of work, but got snowed out. 

Here’s my public debut. I am the guy in the orange hat. Since I’m about to delve into the public eye anyhow. Looks like my mustache has vampire teeth. 

I ended up going to Rincon and having a minor psychic experience. “You know what I’d like to have today?”

Nah, what’s that?

“15 bean soup”

He said, really? Reached over and grabbed a packet of 15 bean soup!! We were planning on this today; just finished talking about it (a couple hours ago). 

“I was thinking about it when I pulled up in the car — before you were even home yet!”

What can I say?

At this point anything sounds crazy. I may as well just go ahead and say I am the Rain King while I am at it. 

These words I regretted for a moment, but afterwards, I am happy. “If it snows in here tomorrow, I’ll do a snow angel in nothing but my shorts!” Publicly, on the Facebook. Yet now my video is inappropriate due to language. I just need video editing ability to publish. It is fine. I’m glad I have footage of my Wim Hof stuff. Though no breathing — just action. I can clean it up and put on YouTube. 

I’m coming out as this region’s voice of action. That feels crazy to actually say. I am the broadcast voice of reason and information that only a select few people will actually use. My experimentation in nutrition has led to new extremes that will shock some folks, but I have been proven to not fully shun people away by the disgusting idea. They do not understand, but have not ran away just yet. 

My claims are wild without initiation, yet initiation was never wanted or desired by myself, nor by most anyone I’ve met or been made aware of. I’ve personally had a traumatic few months that barely anyone can begin to relate to. 

“Aren’t you kinda old for a midlife crisis?” Yes, this shit has been going on for nearly ten years…I wonder if it ever ends. 

Though only obvious for two months. Or three, depending where you draw the line. I was called to Colorado twice. To the Georgia mountains three times. Snatched to and fro like a yo-yo. Now I’m drawn to Fort Lauderdale. I’ve met too many people and had too many chance topics of the Miami area within the last long few weeks. Today with three occurrences itself. I have a good idea why — but why????????????

8:24pm, Wednesday?, 1.3.2018

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