3:33 Thoughts 

The clock slowly ticks towards 3:33 with my standard three minute warning. I see it coming, I’m ahead of pace and await my signals. Just a time that happens, but with years of steady coincidence, the witness still makes me grin. The numbers haunt me though in affirmation anymore. I see for positive and the meaning has become fairly significant, yet mysterious. Now, I’m brought to mind friends who connect to 3’s as a common theme throughout life. I’ve had 13’s for years due to another friend. 

My main numbers are 11:11 & 222. 

222 was my first major ordeal of a coincidence, where I was on a great track and had just closed a large chapter of my life. On to new, with one huge obstruction of perception out of mind. Divorce was no longer s concern on my conscience. Though I had other issues to face with that to come. I feel like I’m still facing them a bit. 

Now that the time slips by, I lay here and wonder what to do next. It seems nothing to do but plan and wait. At least to wait for warm air and snow to melt. I can’t mope for long. Heck, I still have a lady I should be calling again for ice skating, but being broke as dirt sucks. I basically just ditched her for the weekend anyway when I tried to leave suddenly for Fort Lauderdale. Jeesh. She’s real cool too. But being in this broken state sucks. I haven’t even managed to vacuum my car for a date either. 

Need to get me a van, so I can stay mobile. I don’t like being stuck at home. I need to be closer to… I feel like a cliche hippie… closer to nature. I need a bicycle and a van and a stack of blankets. I already have the blankets. I could stay close to work as possible and ride the bike when appropriate. I’d love to simplify my area, but I’m stuck with stupid car debt and no way to get a small van loan. I despise that lemon of a car and the lemon of a truck I had before that. Jeez, I’m tired of scrap vehicles and crap dealers and scam-ridden warranties. I’m so over it all and I cannot even afford it as is. 

Might take me a long nap and see if I get to have a first day of work tomorrow. But, instead, I’ll probably be back on here writing more about this whole “ascension process” so I can sound even more cliche. 

4:01pm, Thursday, 1.4.2018

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