New Job — cabinet position 

This morning I decided to find a job. I looked on Craigslist and contacted several. Got one returned reply. 

I almost said 11:10, but I couldn’t resist putting 11:11. And I looked at the clock, stepping out for job at 11:11. No special driving needed or delay. It just was all lucky coincidence. 

Until today, I have only looked for great design jobs. And I have not applied to another job in two months. 

Company seems in urgent need of great help and is expanding quickly. This could be a good fit for a bit. And they also seem very laid back. It will be a 7 man crew with me. Small place. Moving to a new building, twice the size within a month. 

I could have sweet talked my way into any job today, the way it felt. 

I want to buy a used GoPro. 




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