A friend asked about the brain — compared to computers. 

“Is the brain a computer? If not, what is it? How is it different?”

My thoughts raced in several directions as I read his text. This is how I relate directly to the question. 

I have become aware of a certain format of how thinking happens throughout the body. Though, I am uncertain of if everyone works in these fashions, or if this is highly variable depending on the mental stated of people. It would behoove me to produce a drawing, as this is difficult to explain to someone with little esoteric or alternative religious knowledge. The standard Christian or Catholic is totally blind to this knowledge AND believes these studies to be “evil”. 

…though, I honestly cannot look at the word evil without seeing the word live

…the video format of these messages will also require video/pictures. I really want to find a great (volunteer) to illustrate my ideas. This is insanely difficult to explain to anyone without base knowledge. And IMPOSSIBLE to explain if you want to remain close-minded. 

…I wondered his views on religion, spirituality, God… as a physicist, he’s likely agnostic, but unlikely knowledgeable in esoteric numerology — only of the science. 

…I will press out of the box snd get off of exact mathematical answers, because that is dribble to me… interesting, just like thermodynamics, I love listening to that dribble, so that I can one day connect a dot to a star. 


……..all these things rolled through my head at once — in a second. But then The Information was in non-word format. Which I had to use my software to analyze and compute. That is my view of quantum computing theory, in aspect of the complicated manner in which is needed to describe even the first hint of an answer. 

Though, which brain were you actually talking about? The one in the head, your heart, or your gut? 




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