Final Warning for the last day of 2017

I’m not going to do this again nor will I stop writing on this blog like I anticipated. At the time when even I admit that I am unsure if sanity is slipping. I’ve drastically changed in nearly three months time. 

This is no understatement, thus at this moment I will declare this:

I do care about what you think about what I say, but only for your benefit. If you have negative intentions, then that’s when I don’t give a fuck (once again, sorry Mom!!). I’m still there in the end and have nothing against you. I probably have a good idea how you feel. 

Beyond this simple message, I know you have great hesitation to listen to my words as you (whom I speak to) are my Mom, friend, or other family. I have enough respect to not push ideas on to you. So, I say now, to you, you may stop reading if you wish. 

I am about to step off of the metaphorical plank. Where I actually fly — or swim amongst the sharks. I’ve already taken the step and my foot dangles over the edge of board. The plank feels like it may snap under the weight yet I fear more of drowning than of being eaten by sharks. 

The warning as I say is this. And to this effect:

  • My entire view of life is new. 
  • I’m going to spill the beans. 
  • You can dismiss, obviously. 
  • I won’t force it on you. 
  • But a whole bunch of outlandish information is about to be thrust towards your direction. 

Take heed of this warning. I do not believe in the same form of God as you do any more but I actually believe in an ultimate power. But it’s not as grim as the traditional view of God. I FINALLY believe — I have always faked my way through religion with great disbelief. 

Yes. The summation of this warning is purely to help you realize where I am and where I am going. 

Please read. Open your heart and brain and soul. It’s a crazy process that has taken me through and to here. But if you want to stop reading — do that instead. 



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