August And Everything After 

Yeah so I basically just lived through one of my favorite albums in a whole new way. Yes, in a deep, strange emotional way that I would normally be embarrassed to say. 

But shit has changed for me and I don’t, somehow. 

August And Everything After 

Album by Counting Crows

Honestly, this has been a top 5 album since I learned of music. But today, I was drawn to listen to it after deciding against a “lesser” option that could have been a ton of fun. And I expect it would really have been a great time. But decided for the better option which would be much more aligned with ambition than the lesser

…anyway, so I had a non-stop emotional roller coaster ride where I felt direct symbology within many aspects of my current life. So that shit was not fun at all, but I feel good now. And I have to wash the pint of snott from my car blanket. 

…AND later go back and look again. It wasn’t just esoteric stuff, but associations with people whom I’ve recently been dealing with. But there definitely is esoteric of seven in there. So perhaps that can be a great YouTube video to produce as well. 

12.30.17 6:31pm

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