This is how you gain followers!

Obviously, this guy is still lost. Don’t follow the lost to find your way home. How can they help you find your home if they, themselves do not even know how to get to their own house? Do you expect that he knows where you live, but not where his bed lays?

Hahaha, I just totally (with best intentions) trolled every single comment on a guy’s blog entry. This was the hook to my favorite comment. 

I expect that blog to not garnish support, but that was not the plan. I only planted a seed. 

I don’t know what to do today, except to do what I did yesterday. Yet, in plans to not finish the day in the same manner of stuffing an entire (minus two pieces) pizza and half pack of oven-fresh sugar cookies down my esophagus. 

…yesterday was the first fast, immediately after my greater family left for home. I drank distilled water all day. The soreness in my throat was fully gone! Yet now it is back after eating and sleeping. I aim to see the results again. I thought to continue, but smelling the sausage at dinner had my gut craving meat for the first in months. 

The time has come to go back to meat with careful consideration. I’ve decided that I determine my food by my cravings, but also to use stoic practice to realize how the lack of food is preferable at times. 

On yesterday, my testosterone must have been through the roof! I could feel the energy hardening my entire body and there was tension in my muscles that I lacked all throughout the prior week. My sickness was gone from my throat. I sang loudly and clear in my car as proof. Though no one heard, my voice was clear — without a scratch or hiss. And now I sit with a frog in my throat after the pizza and cookies that I knew I really didn’t want. I said I’d follow my gut… my gut wanted to try this experiment to prove the supremacy of the distilled waters! 

By the way, when I say that “I follow my gut”. Means “I follow my spirit”

12.28.17, Thursday, 10:31am


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