In preparation for what is to come. 

As of now, my intentions have morphed into an interesting mixture of selfishness and generosity that is extremely difficult to express. 

Thereby, I want to explain my motives and goals so that you may begin to imagine with me. This time has been given to determine my path and I have begun to find it. My life has been a struggle and I do not see an immediate end for that; instead, I envision a massive struggle that is about to emerge. 

I have no clue as to my next step and this frightens me a bit. As always, my goals are large, but now I know they are achievable.

Always, I have several paths ahead. Forked between each other with transitions to reach the goal(s) by many paths. I am a dreamer. I am a designer. I am a logitician. I am always strategizing over something. 

This is all merging now with new developments that have pushed me to action. I am creating my life now. I am going to push hard for my change and make “things” happen. 

This message goes to anyone that I’ve called upon for help. Otherwise, this is a warning; your view of me may not have changed — but I have. My entire view of life has changed. Do not expect me to back down from my own views without reasonable explanation, conversation, and understanding. 

I would say nothing to any of you without being fully invested or without fully believing as truth. That has been my way for my entire life. Yet now, I will be open with full truth at a level that (*you) never thought would happen. I am going to do this through other formats such as YouTube and a dedicated website(s). Therefore, not much will be here (for now). 

I do not plan to force new ideas towards **your direction, but I will certainly be saying things that may worry. However, ***ya’ll can ask any time for more details.

Anyhow, as for plans for now:

  • YouTube channel 
  • Permaculture business mixed with real estate investment 
  • Crowd funding for projects
  • Homeless assistance 
  • Fitness, nutrition, health coaching?
  • Magnetic engineering project (long term — the largest)
  • Too much to list. 

I must update this later

[12/27/17 — 3:33 pm]

*you: me and people who’ve known me throughout my life. 

**your: Mom (who reads this blog), friends/family, and anyone else really. 

***ya’ll: everyone who wants Truth, but never felt satisfied with their options. 

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