Permaculture Dreams 

Not another dream as the last article, but a dream for life in future and within our waking reality. 

This is the project I wish to fulfill for now. As the large project that is full of challenges and obstacles to show as milestones along the way. The Permaculture Project will require several areas of expertise, coordination from many people in order to accomplish. I will need to learn much and accept help from people whom I have yet to meet. I am calling out to them now, trying to round-up a committee that will deal with the ins and outs of details and support a long term approach. 

The plans are set with much open variety in affect of results with several scenarios thought out. The best has not yet surfaced nor likely will until details are worked through and revisioned by a partner or associate within the new structure. 

A normal house turned into an AirBnB destination (event stay possible) with a couple study-style apartments that open up to a beautiful permaculture setting. Where a gardener maintains the property and also maintains the rental aspect of the property. The groceries are meant to be used as guests may eat fresh, organics, but mainly to sell (cheap) or given free to the surrounding neighborhood. 

The effort in part to spread awareness, provide, profit, and assist. Then to expand throughout the city as able. Also, there are many lots that could be converted to farms and overseen by the permaculture professional (or trained workers by him). These lots run from 5k to 15k and range in sizes, starting as small as half acres. 

This project is planned to go through crowd funding, peer to peer lending, or any other financial possibility. I will be looking for help through my meetup group and plan to reach out in unprecedented manner. I’ve been leaning towards projects as such in recent years and know that I’ve developed enough to finally pursue big dreams. 

…enough for now, I got stuff to do. 

8:38am, 12.23.17, Saturday 

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