Dream: Night of Birthday 

Interesting dream just now. The colors within were discovered somehow and made apparent. Each of the seven colors emerged to show the full chakra spectrum with a matching personality to match. The colored spheres appeared in order from top to down and then bottom to up. The two sets were of dual polarity where each group had seven un-named people attached who would emerge one at a time and meet me. 

Yet, only met the female representative of polarized colors, where details matched near to my case-study with races to colors. Indigo was a black woman, whereas the reat were white (purple may also have been a black lady). Each one emerged separately while in the park where I do my yoga groups on Saturday (today). 

Each one had a different aspect to personality where a different perspective was reviewed by each in approving manner. They were all lovely to look at and most were silent, or used no words to communicate when “out of” the color and into human form. 

Within the dream, I was aware of two sets of 7, yet only having seen one set and all were women. I imagine the second set would have been of men for the masculine perspectives. 

….strange dream, but felt expected and “right”. I’m about to head downtown now for the two Meetup groups. 1st group is the sketching (drawing) group as my first time with. And then to my Headstands at Forsyth group where I expect to meet a chic from a dating site. So, I can see connection of reasons to dream for that also within the dream. Yet the basis of dream was confirmation of other information topics from the case study. 

8:05am, Saturday, 12.23.17

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