I want some shoes 

Know what’s odd?

  • Every number comes from 8
  • But then there’s nine digits 
  • And then to add to nine, you actually subtract a segment or flip a six
  • This of course on a digital clock; the number base is 8

I’ll draw a picture later. 

The shoes I want are V-run size 44 I think it was for about 10-1/2. I’d assume buy from the store in Richmond Hill where that chic measured my feet and all. She was nice and cute and all anyway and I believe they check your gait and such. But I barely care unless they do actually understand barefoot. 

The girl said she did and showed how she could spread her toes. The Vibrams’ Five finger style Vrun. Don’t know why all the name variations, but these particularly work well for mud and water (allegedly). And thus may be great for the Savage ir Spartan races for which I am still training for. Yet without a destination race. Though I have a new friend that wants to do one and wants to train, though he just wants yo run and I just wanna do technical and fun stuff. 

Anyhow, my reminder to a shoe I tried on. The suckers tend to stay around $120, so that sucks, but it’s the nearest to barefoot with extra security — I do want to buy some.

12.7.17, Thursday?? I think!!

Ahh yah… last night wasn’t Reiki, it was “working with energy”. Really interesting crowd of wierdos!! Hahaha ha! That includes me!!

In the opening, the lady who reminds very much of my best friend’s mom used a tuning fork, waved it all around, talking to us for introduction of the plan, then started speaking in language I didn’t understand but it made me sob a little and I could not hold it back, only quiet it. Twelve of us were there and was two other men. After that was over, my legs wouldn’t stop shaking until about ten minutes when I sat across from a reiki master. She gave a strong connection that I actually felt, is interesting stuff and I will return. Much more to say about this all but I will leave it be and think on this a while. I already have plenty on my brain and I feel I must continue to research the current situation that has been struck upon me for a reason I’m unknown to. 

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