Blood Pressure Check 

Here is the last time from 9.4.17 for reference. And the picture from then:

I’m chilled out, barely eaten. Dark chocolate and honey only with some coconut water. Did some deep breathing exercises an hour ago for a half hour. 

I’m about to go to my first introduction to Reiki. I went to Foodlion to poop and only had a long fart. Long like nine full seconds. The stall over laughed when I did so!!! Hahahaha wooooo!!!! But no poo, just peewww. 

Here’s blood pressure update:

  • 111 systolic 
  • 76 diastolic 
  • 66 pulse


  • -5 systolic 
  • O change diastolic 
  • -13 pulse

Very nice eh??!!!

I guess, I feel great and is all I care, but people want data!!

6:58, 12.6.17, Wednesday night 

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