Toe & Dream

At the bank I sit in my car and poke at my toe with a knife as hurried employees scurry from building to car in endless lines. I await the quick lines beyond the standard lunch hour. 

Anyway, my right foot’s big toe has been infested with fungus. The fungus settled in and crafted its home in obvious estate. It made itself known and has been heralded as a tough beast to tame, in that a year worth of steroid pills are required to kill. 

I am thrilled to say that my fungus is fading though the recession is slow. The inner corner of that nail had only a wee bit of fungus, whereas the bulk dug its home under the right half of nail. Yet now the inner wee bit is practically gone and the bulk has halfed in thickness of its gunk. Coloration has changed in a way that less darkness is present. 

The meat beneath the nail (between the fungus locations) which glues the nail to the toe — has widened. This means regrowth of underlying tissues have certainly occurred. This area hurts by knife, whereas the fungus can be dug out in crumbles. 

I cannot yet claim victory. I am thankful of the progress! I am happy to see results. I despise taking steroids and antibiotics, so I would continue to wear this fungus until this body dies if no other cure exists. I expect this to fully heal but I have no clue to the time it will take. I am extremely excited at this time, enough that just this little thing will extend my current path. With obvious improvement in this one area, I will profess continually on the beneficial practices that led to this achievement!

Now, the dream:

I typed about the dreams already this morning and then I continued on in research. The lack of sleep led me to a nap soon after. Which encased a powerful dream as short as it was. I don’t know if I slept an hour or five minutes as the dream seemed to come along quickly and I awoke before I accepted the fate of the dream or tried to control it. It got too real — too quick. 

In this dream I was driving down a road at night. I had a passenger whom I am rather certain was the guy whom I have been researching, in regards to, since yesterday. I do not recall anything before this moment. I omly remember a time frame of nearly thirty or forty seconds. 

The road was near home, on a flat road, and we were driving around 45mph. Relatively slow in comparison to the hurry that we were in. I don’t know the destination in mind and we never got there due to the ending. 

I was driving and we were silent. Silent enough that I felt alone. 

We noticed a dark patch in the road that I assumed was a bridge or an incline. I continued to drive without slowing since it was a normal feature. Yet, when we reached the blackness, we learned it to be just a small bump of nearly five feet. 

The car soared straight up into the air and all I could see was blackness and I could feel the loss of connection to the earth. We moved at the static pace of which I drove and the car just seemed to drive up a vertical wall that was not there. 

The car quickly climbed and maybe I could see the street below or lights for the road. I did not know what to do and so I baled from the experience and gasped. 

I awoke to a gasping sound and looked around at the room. I sat for a moment wondering about the dream and realized that I should have climbed out the window and flied

It is weird stuff, what dreams are made of. I feel like I know the meaning already but the meaning is only confirmation of my current reasoning — in that I’m a bit scared of the reason and I’m not sure if I actually know how to fly. Err how to fly within that same context of dreamspeak and what I believe it meant. 

1:24pm, Monday, 12.4.17

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