Not like I’m actually trying, but I’m down below what I weighed when I was in high school. 

I’m down to 193 pounds as of yesterday and holding until today. Woopitidy doo kinda but it’s neat. Especially in how it occurred. 

I had been holding at 199 for a couple weeks. I fasted a couple few days in there, eating sparsely or fairly at times, even gluttonous at times. And then during last week, my water fast lasted three days (72 hrs). 

Yet during the fasting, my weight held at 199 (plus or minus six pounds due to hydration/urination levels). 

Then the following two days, I ate moderately as I had during Thanksgiving week. The weight held on day 1, but then dropped on day 2 and now on day 3 stays at 193. 

So, in other words: my weight only dropped after the fast ended AND only after eating several times. This is quite interesting to me. 

The light weight is great because I feel fitter and stronger than before. And my waste is very likely down nearly another pant size. 

*I may go try on size 32 pants today for an experiment and some vain fun. 

3:51pm, Monday, 12.4.17

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