Sightings 11.29.17

Same ole stuff, it is just interesting to note for later on. The clock on the phone is often showing the numbers, but in the salt bath today, I looked to see the time. I’d soaked for over an hour and didn’t want to be in there too long. The clock on the wall, an analog, ticking clock was showing 2:22. It seems more perverse on an old fashioned clock. As if not odd enough with the digital format that seems to always catch my eye. 

Also, at the library and reading a book. Got ready to leave, almost. So I flipped to the first page I grabbed and it was page #111. It was also of an intriguing topic that I’m interested in and-so I read five pages. 

I really don’t stare at the clock all day. 

I promise. 

One thought on “Sightings 11.29.17

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