Now I’m freaking myself out 

I just wrote my sightings for the day [here] and then I went into a gas station. I do much writing while sitting at a gas pump. Well anyway, I had just watched a video on the fantastic yet thrilling novel about a possible future, written by George Orwell, named NINETEEN EIGHTY FOUR (1984). The book chills you to the bone. 

I bought my tobacco and exited the door. Fiddling with the coins I reached one and said, out loud, “You know, I bet this penny is from 1984.”

I shocked myself when I brought it up and the penny is indeed from 1984. 

My camera lense is broken and so I cannot get a shot worthy of showing, though the penny sits on my dashboard, beside the acorn. 

That is even better than the 7 in the card game a few nights ago. 


2:00am, 11.30.17

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