My house Un Progress 

It was a dream I realize as I lie here and think of the non progress of my house. Dreamt of the front wall knocked out with flooring removed and a hole in the wall. An extra dog held in a pen that my house had become where no work had been completed. 

Only within the dream the house was not mine; it was not recognizable. However the wall that was knocked out was due to my car which was parked within the wall. How did I manage this feat? In the dream, I was stumped, puzzled, and dumbfounded at the marvel. Also, the car managed to pass the exterior wall through a set of French doors who were unscathed by the wreck.

Once again, I could only wonder at how this happened, yet all that could be done was leave the car inside until speaking with the tenant for a clue. 

After awakening and lying here watching a video did this dream surface. Out of the blue, I realize that dream and ponder the significance. I only discovered the house and its condition by violating the privacy of my tenant, even though the tenant is not living there yet… only repairing for now, as in real life. 

11:55am, Wednesday, 11.29.17

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