November 27, 2017 (1)

Down to Forsyth by 1:00 for stretching in the sunshine and a carrot juice around 4:30. Hung on the monkey bars and did some flips and chin-ups and pull-ups. Got a good 10 minutes on my head, broken into intervals of headstands. No one showed for the impromptu meetup post from last night but not to worry with little warning. I put a message on Brighter Day’s board for advertisement. Also gained support by an former coworker; she may attend for Yoga at Forsyth on Saturday. That meet has 9 or so signed for attendance now; it will be interesting to see how many folks show up. Either way, the prospect is promising and gives me feedback from the community. 

It is 7:21 and I’m stuck between knowing what to do or rather what not to do. Planning to meet a friend for a moment at 11:00 in Pooler, but until then, what to do?

I want to buy a basketball ball to roll my back onto. In order to increase my flexibility by lying my spine upon and rolling out the kinks. I can do that in Pooler before or after. I also have been wanting to try to play again, or learn to shoot again; I was never too good with round ball. 

Tonight, I bought pure maple syrup, the darker, robust type on sale and sipped on it a bit. Their honey selection is subpar at the Kroger on Gwinnett. Otherwise, my fasting has begun with coffee this morning and the carrot juice this afternoon. Those bloody organic cookies were eyeballing me again tonight and I may wind up feasting on those or the like later, though I should be fine. 

I don’t know…the week long Thanksgiving feasting wrecks the will to quickly begin fasting. 

That is the goal, to be water fasting within days. The plan was Friday or Saturday to be day two or three. The 1st of December to be day 3 — yet that fasting by Wednesday and that feels sudden. Perhaps the goal should change to 12/1/17 as day 1. Yet it does not matter as long as I eat well; with or without a fast at all. My stomach is growling as I crave the bread and cheese from the gluttony of last week. I maintained my weight, though ate much more than I felt required and in this transitional state, I feel that it was too much. 

The ping ponging nature of my thoughts will not allow me to decide the fate. Only needed is to continue on and ween the gut off of the bread sugars that I crave. The foods that I ate were nearly all proper, except for the eggnog, milk, and excessive butter and previously mentioned breads — the body craves this now and wants to rebel until it is satiated. 

I do wonder how this syrup affects me. I know it to not be the best, yet maple has great benefits in small quantities. I have rolling in the bowels now, but not to the point of gas. I imagine it to be in final stage of digestion already and in that transition, the necessary enzymes are not quite there or bile… I believe bile is the stage where it could be now. I wonder how quick it passed through each gate. 

I also want to try on jeans and see if I fit a 34 comfortably or not. Just for giggles snd pride. 

7:52, think I shall head to River Street for a little stroll. Check out ECHO SQUARE as it is called; I love that spot with its mysterious effect on sound. 

**ooop there went the syrup gas; there was no odor (interesting)

****yeah so I missed a screenshot on the 1:11 and 11:11 from today and the 5:55. All of which I witnessed in the few times I glanced at today’s clock. Crazy eh. Missed 2:22 by two minutes at 2:20 boooo hahaha 

******like that 7 of Spades in last night’s final golf (cards) game where sis could have gotten the square bonus if she listened to “it probably is a seven”… it was pretty awesome when it turned out to be a 7 after all!!!

7:55, Monday 

—edit 9:37pm; drinking maple syrup with a 72% dark chocolate bar. I’d love to have that blood sugar test now FOR FUN I’d drink the whole bottle. At 1/4 ingested, I’m sugar high already, but I really really want to try that one day, and even more extreme like 2,500 calories in sweet foods at once and see how my body reacts (medically). 

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