Meetup group: Cleanse Savannah

Cleanse Savannah 

Aiming to find like minded folks and spread interest and help others in the processes. 

The topic of my concern is in setting up connecting moments to build any momentum in a larger project. I sit here and think of places where I want to be in aims of conversation and realize that I am unsure of great locations to meet. 

The city doesn’t offer many spots open to sit and gather without the additional purchase of food or drink. Nor without the addition of some sort of purchased entertainment. Nor is there any location with desirable food and yet without the undesirable or gluttonous foods in which we aim to stray from during these unique discussions. 

I say this and want to add an additional need of at a desired price, but I honestly do not think an establishment exists to house a group for cheap with the surroundings preferred. 

Yet on the lighter side that I personally could enjoy any spot, I want a comfortable location where safety and location is felt easily to newcomers and slow their hesitation to even attempt. 

With topics in my mind of fasting, juicing, and healthful practices, the obstacle of scents and the sights of the pleasures are best to avoid during lessons and while in the midst of the practice itself. The outdoor location sounds great, yet without ability for fire or an enclosed facility of sorts, it is difficult to remain comfortable in these short winter days. Also, dealing with work schedules and hopes of those people to meet with  — then where is there sufficient lighting to meet?

I’m still really just thinking of Forsyth now as ideal, without precipitation anyhow, but then to where if wetness arises? A coffee shop perhaps, as an ideal place for minimal food and easy environment for talk. I feel the one not in “the know” for location as I do not look for such places. 

As of now, 20 people have joined the group and 5 have signed to join the Yoga at Forsyth on Saturday. 

…promising as it sounds, I expect only a couple of the five to show while hoping New-York and possibly his friends and more may show. We shall see how this goes. 

However, I plan to be fasting again and hope to gain community for that and topics associated with that. I will post groups to hopefully help others with this healing tool. Hopefully I could entice others to join. 

Wish me luck as it is needed. Even with all the research and evidence, this tool is very difficult for people to understand. It is basically impossible to understand without attempting and I would love to help those who desire the help and will do whatever-it-takes to become well again. 



…1st Meetup was Saturday, an hour after inception. A friend from the Pooler Boardgames showed and a random guy, New-York, offered to teach an interesting set of movements. I cannot recall the name of, it is Jamaican style fighting/dancing techniques that allow flowing movements. He said, like breakdancing with flips and line dancing. 

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