November 23, 2017 (1) Thanksgiving

Up and at ‘em late I suppose, but I was up till three or so. Out to the car to go to gas station for gas and supplies. The phone was nearly dead, at 3%, so on the charger it quickly went. To see the time, of course:

So on I went. 

It’s almost 1 o’clock and that’s the time of the big dinner. It’s rainy out and the cat survived the owl; she finally appeared as I returned from the store. 

In these temperatures and precipitation, the natural state is to calm down and wait for better weather to leave your dwelling in search of food. The chickens are in the house and the cats stay on porches or on a perch under shelter. The birds and squirrels are in their holes and other creatures the same. 

That means they will be eating little while the rain persists. The water bugs are out, while the earthworms surface, safe from most of the birds. They rule for now while the others rest. 

Yet here we sit, ready to feast. Abandoning the natural flow, forcing our will through with technology. Yet we abandon the natural flow of life. The universe tells us to rest and puts conditions in place that impede our daily flow. We continue and ignore and tend to burnout in out lives from ignoring all the signs along the way. 

I’m happy to say that tradition has finally been bucked. It took a majority to change the standard food list, however, only after a major change in lifestyle. The main cook created most except for mac’n cheese and rice dressing. The desserts, sides, and turkey were all organic, fresh, and to the purest and cleanest order. Lacking of processed (poorly) sugars, flours, and spices. All was delicious, as from a chef.

I and two others denied the bird; we are refraining at this time. Now, for me, tempted myself to eat the turkey as it was “raised wild” and would be of the highest nutritional quality, though after eating fish as my highest order of food. For now. I obliged myself to pass. 

…the mac’n cheese was superb though all except three ate this. Myself and my parents. The majority’s diet regime prevents their taste buds from the cheese. 

Everything else, everyone ate. Even all the deserts were kosher for all. Dunked in honey and the Earth’s syrups, I ate thrice the apple turnover as expected and the expected amount of pecan pie. 

I also committed towards despising the taste of cranberry sauce for another thirty years. Everyone else seemed to like that disgusting concoction — I do not relate. 

The irony of the feast in the rain is only my view, I expect. Yet, the irony to that thought is that with the overload of food, we are likely to sleep and relax finally. But only after breaking the cycle for major cooking in the early of the day. 

Forcing through on the holiday is expected and not that bad in my eye — even with the short rant as the rant is actually more to deal with daily life as we really should continue to own our dominion over the elements for celebration. 

…the daily cycle is the one to not avoid. When it rains: relax. In the sun: get strong and eat all you can because within our inner nature is a survival mechanism that wants to hide from dark and damp even though we can easily pass through these climates. The natural mammalian instinct to climb into your hole and sleep through the quiet times in the ground and skip all meals in the meantime. 

…so now is the time when rest is priority to save up for the boost of energy gained from the rest compounded by the much needed sun when he comes back out. 


Thanksgiving 2017

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