November 22, 2017 (5)

After realizing the world is driven by fear, you will begin to realize that leaving the greater system as much as possible will be to your benefit. 

I began listening to intellectuals speaking about thousands of topics on a regular basis. The desire to learn has only increased in the process — my distate for university has increased. The system of learning for profit as a yet profitable business with high margins of compounding rates — has become a home for study without want.

…the testing for rating the graduates is a burden on the enjoyment of learning for personal reasons and restricts the ability for those who do want to learn for personal or even business reasons to gain benefit without the burden of outrageous costs and required prerequisite classes. 

It bothers me enough so that I will likely continue to avoid this system and continue to learn on my own terms. I distate the publication attitude to continue the cash spiral to the deficit of the student anyhow. 


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