November 20, 3017 (3)

Funny. A few weeks ago, one of my nieces pushed me to run around the house multiple times as “a race” (time trials vs the little kids). She pushed me further. “We gotta get you strong.”

She did the same a few other times and the other girl has said it too. Today, the same when I put her on my shoulders. Picking her up when she grasped my thumb — military press. 

Then she grabbed my hand so that I could pick her up… straight off the ground with a straight arm. “I cannot lift that much like that.”  You have to!!

…well, almost did achieve it, but no. 

…she tells me again, “we want you to get strong””you’re already strong, we want you stronger!”

…it’s funny really. Makes you feel good to have a kid tell you they want you to be stronger, and it is even funnier when you find out that is so you can play with them easier…errr so they can climb on you easier. 


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