November 18, 2017 (3)

Fast broken with this strange drink:

MALK [pure almond], on manager’s special price rate. I was thinking VANILLA, but almond is weird. This drink is totally watery as expected yet not much fattening taste, though it is loaded with fat. 

...per 8 oz serving (3-1/2 servings), I’ve drank half during the return walk from the Gwinnett Krogers:

  • 130 calories 
  • 11g fat
  • No cholesterol 
  • 4% sodium (himalayan sea salt)
  • 5g carb (Less than 1g sugar) 
  • 3g which is fiber 
  • 5g protein 

Then I got some Simpler Truth Organic popcorn. I always wonder the legitimacy of the STO line; it seems too large of a product line to be truly legit. 

…half that drink after all that stretching and then after the session of sun-gazing and I got a strange feeling of energy flowing. 

Boardgames time soon. Time to head for that. 

This was Saturday. 


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