November 18, 2017 (2)

Yeah, so just did breathing exercises while I stretched in a hardcore fashion at Forsyth. 

  • Splits, bends, twists, but no standing pose junk, excepting the side splits 
  • Headstands a few times 

It’s about prime time for staring at the sun; gonna go back out there for a few. Lately, I’ve been seeing others doing yoga, headstands, and crap. Today — three ladies besides me were spread around. The park is packed to the gills right now. Cool to see others trying yoga out in public in the sunshine. It’s practically been only me for the last couple years. Not that I do full yoga, but near enough. 

…and hmmmm, do I want a juice now, maybe even mexican food tonight…man I’m hungry or a baked tator from Dicky’s…ahhh man I’m getting hungry 


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