November 18, 2017 (1)

Not sure if I want to eat. 

…guess that means that I should not do so

Fasting is weird. I have been wanting to do so, again, because I never did my full fast. Whatever full is — I ain’t sure. I did 4 days or 3 in CO on the first trip. I did a 3 day fast on the 2nd CO trip. I’ve done a few days on a few occasions since then. Water Fasting, that is. 

… I barely even count juice fasting right now. Though I’ve had another few days of that. 

…I haven’t eaten meat in some odd 3 weeks and I passed-up on delicious bacon that was grass-fed, organic, blah blah for the super-extreme-diet-that-really-works!! I know I missed out on last night — but I was near the 24 hour mark and didn’t want to stop. 

……the bbq at Forsyth, someone’s picnic, smelled great too, not overwhelmingly delicious like the bacon. 

……fast food restaurants are back to smelling disgusting to me. That is one reassuring observation, though a milkshake sounds tasty right now. But worth it? — meh, I barely even wanted to drink the coconut water that I had. Does a 100 calorie bottle of coconut water break a fast? —technically, I’m not sure, but I’m saying no.

…………but it did bring me a bit of hunger after drinking. Or is it due to the fast and thirst??

It’s 4:20, gotta go!!

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