November 13, 2017 (2)

On this Monday, I feel bruised and beat down by little kids. Saturday was punishing and though I’ve been eating to replenish my stores, the soreness continues. Not soreness persay, but stiffness in flexibility and mobility. When at Forsyth a couple hours ago, I sat in the grass to stretch and hung from the monkey bars. Only for five minutes instead of the full hour that I looked forward to. 

The Saturday, I got Mom to shoot a short video which I sent to my cousin. Of crawling on fours with two kids on one leg & one kid on the other leg. Dragging them across their stomachs, creating eight inch wide grass stains!! Did a fair amount of that. 

…Jumped on the trampoline. Cart-wheels! Round-offs!! 

…Squat-carries all three at once. Got climbed on—rode on shoulders. 

…Shoulder-presses (single arm) with kid holding stick, so they can sit on shoulders. [that was a neat accident which turned (in to) all three wanting to try it] — which turns into a dozen single arm presses of 40 – 53 lbs of squirming weight. 

…and then there was a 2 vs 2 soccer game. 

Jee whiz, no wonder I’m beat. 

I actually do wonder if all that food I had yesterday is what has really gotten me sore. I weighed before and after the toilet this morning for a two and a half pound difference. But it didn’t seem like that much food. Grits, a little cheese, a few cans of fish/oysters, some RxBars, a bunch of curry seasoning, honey and a couple bars of dark chocolate. 

…was there more? Wasn’t much really; I don’t watch what I eat, I just attempt to eat what I feel I need. 

…I still have another fifteen pounds or more of fat to eat. I really don’t need to be eating. However it, as you know, is satisfying to eat and it brings instant pleasure. And by eating, it makes going without a bit harder to do. 

…the Carrot Stalker today should help. The two coffees really did nothing it seems. I really imagine more movement will help most and I am supposed to be working at my house momentarily. That and some epsom salts later. 


Ahh yeah and that plywood hauling for my friend’s roof on Sunday. Almost forgot!

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