November 13, 2017 (1)

I just heard that the government has changed some recommendations on eating. They have finally removed a restriction or limit on cholesterol. So eggs are healthful again — for you people

Eggs have always been healthful to me. But people were scared of eggs for a long time. As if they even knew what cholesterol was for. I wonder now, what happens to users of statin medication?

Courtesy of Google. 

……statins are used to treat a non-problem, wait, thanks to

……I also heard about this, from the same statement on a video; that stents don’t really work. 

However the mind is very powerful and works well. That is how the Placebo Effect works so well. If you think that you are going to get better — if you believe that it will work — then it will. But it won’t keep working forever, because the cause of the problem was never fixed. 

…a smoker that causes heart problems won’t be fixed unless he quits (assuming all else great). 

…if he quits and gets another heart attack, then he needs to quit another bad habit or improve his current ones. 

I know many people with stents. And I know tons of people that are scared of cholesterol as much or more than they are afraid of germs. And it is just bad science and money clogging the information pipeline. 

In recent years, I’ve leaned more and more towards veganism. Vegetarianism. What-have-you. It is difficult to give up the idea of giving up eggs. 

…looking at chicken life, I respect them enough to not try to treat them badly before planning to eat their eggs. Who wants a tart egg from an abused chicken?

…the chicken is compared to a raptor, a vicious, cold-blooded creature that eats anything smaller than it. It is certainly true. It will eat a mouse or snake or anything that is smaller. 

…I know I’ve been chased by chickens. Lots of times by huge-clawed roosters. 

…I borderline on veganism, but I am not one. Though I would love to see factory farming wiped from the earth OR brought into the public’s eyes to see what it looks and smells like. Because it is absolutely disgusting to ride by their properties. 

Yet anyhow, I wonder how many folks realize the change in recommendations by the government. It’s not like they want to publicize how they misinformed the public for decades.

Ahh, and they don’t want to say why either. That is due to Big Sugar buying-off the politicians and blaming Big Fat. 

Sugar (refined) is the only bad guy, really. 

Fat really should encompass over half of your “caloric intake” — with protein as a fairly small portion.


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