November 11, 2017 (food)

On this Saturday, I ate a delicious bowl of pink (black?) eyed peas with added curry powders. 

Later on, 2 dark chocolate bars, a can of smoked oysters, and I split a can of smoked (something else) with the cat. 

I guess I broke my vegetarianism slightly. But I’m aiming for eggs today anyhow. It is still in alignment of same philosophy. 

…curried eggs of course. I’m currying about everything now.

Three days or four, I have stayed under 200 lbs. That is pretty cool. The fat is sliding off even faster than the last time. Once again, my results are quicker than the prior. I have strong control over the shape of my body. 

The results don’t lie. I will take a nutrition blood sample when I can afford the proofs, but the basic proof of glucose, pressure, etc of a standard prick & pump test is plenty for me (for now). When at the park a few weeks back, at the end of a fast—taking that test and proving superb results. 

…But I do want to see lab results after I finish and prepare to wrap-up my fasting and cleansing. Or at least the bulk of the restart of this process. The process is interesting and energy producing throughout. 

Anyhow, it’s salt soak time, gotta soak away the bumps and bruises and soreness from yesterday’s session with the lil kids. They beat me up every time!!

11/12/27, 1:11pm

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