November 9, 2017 (4)

I am so hungry after eating three times tonight. At the gas station, I sat parked by the road for three hours and very nearly bought a honey bun — I dreamt of a Honeybun Mountain…mmmmmm.

…but pushed away the thought, to return home to find that mom is trying to break my fast!! Haha, with a delicious dark chocolate bar with a nut crunch. It was delicious, with one square remaining to split with her soon. I’m pretty sure she’s returning the gratitude for the daily flowers on her computer desk. Little flowers from around the fence of the garden. Though none today, due to rain. I’m curious if the unopened buds on the stems have opened as fresh petals while sitting indoors, in the water of the vase. 

…the chocolate a mere 500 calories and then a RxBar and a double fist of pecans from my dad’s brother’s house (I assume). All delicious, and a handful of honey/nut clusters (Kind brand, I think). There’s another RxBar calling my name now and curried grits are hollering my name for enhanced digestion. 

…I aimed for a full night of eating, to give my body a shock. I’ll likely turn back to a near-fast diet tomorrow to once again shock the system and allow full digestion of tonight’s feeding. I may well hit 2,000 calories by morning, but that sounds a bit high with the small load that I’ve accustomed to. 

…okay, a break to snack & to charge the iPhone…

…two more bars and half of the bag of oats and honey clusters. I gotta be around 1700+ caloric value by now. Not near the gluttony of a pizza or pop-tart binge like I have often done. Every food today is of natural ingredients with minimal cooking applied. 

It sounds like fun to go snatch three more bars to stuff down — tastey critters, but that would borderline on gluttony after the last feeding. I’m trying my best to refrain. It really is not difficult today, but it feels like it could be fun. 

…it is almost tomorrow, Friday. 


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