November 9, 2017 (3)

My old financial plan is basically:

  • invest $400,000 
  • gaining 8% interest per year 

8% is fairly easily achievable over a long term with a hundred years’ data to prove. 

  • $400k x 8% = $32,000 
  • $32k / 12 = $2,666

The first stat is yearly. The second stat is monthly. This is enough to cover basic expenses with moderate living. 

…that has been my goal, of course an option is to remain working, not spending the interest — allowing interest to compound. 

Yet now, I’m really thinking I don’t need that, in that that seems much more than is actually needed for the basics. Though I’m still banking on that happening. 

I never thought I really needed it, but it is a great plan. Many folks think that is living poor, still. As in that was the plan to gain in eight years. Then stop working. Though, with conditions proper, that amount of cash is excessive. It’s not like I don’t expect to be wealthy, eventually. I have no clue when it will all come together. That eight year mark comes in three or so years and I’m in the 10k range only, still, with the career path being poor in recent years. 

I started typing about this just to say that I basically am letting that plan fall away because it seems too poor. Not for cash, but for intention and purpose. Like said, I am very stoic; I enjoy sleeping in the car for Pete’s sake. I would love to own a metal workshop to live in with tools all around and a CAD station and projects to work with, with a bed, bath, and stove in a room in the back. I don’t even want a toilet, the japanese style is the way to go. Well, it is a toilet with plumbing still. I already have a shovel and a foot. 

…it would be great to go on an extended trip into the wilderness, to take the Appalachian trail by length or a chunk of it. But when could time come if working towards the money goal? If I’m happy now to live in a car with aspirations to own a commercial van to customize, then why would I need all that cash. If it came to when I did, I could just work like everyone else. 

…that is but one thing of many, but if the next three years could be sacrificed to the money goal, I would currently have to refuse. This type of lifestyle pains me enough to get lemon after lemon from the automobile empire, to be shite on by conartists disguised as salesmen and crazy interest rates to boil the remaining cash from your wallet. 

…just for the privilege to drive to work to pay for a piece of junk car. Already in debt 6k — can’t trade-in without an upgrade or your own cash. Stuck in the system—so as to punish by double with the vehicle being repossessed at the same time. To ruin the situation even more. It is a disgusting and disgraceful situation that I don’t understand how everyone puts up with it. 

…I’m bout done with the nonsense of driving junk cars, but I’m stuck in that stupid system. There needs be change to have repairable vehicles again. Vehicles that have parts that work and are reliable — without ever changing electronic systems and “upgrades” to technology that tends to break quicker with each revision. 

…oh but it is a rigged system where quality merchandise is not produced, the lifespan is as short as a dog’s and it should be more like twenty to thirty years for a car to live. Now, they die in fifteen or less. With unique parts to each model. 

…Why all the customization, what happened to parts being universal, and why hasn’t anyone come along to grow a company as such? Because they seem to think a fortune couldn’t be built in that manner. Ah, but it goes so much deeper than that; technology has been held in the infant stage in many regards. Technology has been retarded by greedy oil and all politicians, by corn growers, by all types of industry. Out of ignorance or stupidity or just the lack of insight, remaining stuck in the bubble of illusion. 

As for I. Pulling out of the order of things. I cannot do the nonsense that is pushed on us. 

…Even little (it really is huge) things like commercials on television has stopped me from renting television services. Selling my television brought great relief. I finally dropped those chains, not that I watched anything but Netflix, ditching the power of that box staring at me, begging for attention, if even to wipe the dust off the screen. Then the extra floor space in my bedroom was grand. Comcast can shrivel into bankruptcy for all I care and hope; that monopoly is controlling far too many folks’ time, attention, cash, and lifestyle as it is. 

…I lost my pace by taking a break of a couple hours. Looks like I got into rant mode…

The world is about to get crazy. With robotic technology expanding rapidly. Such as Boston Dyamics:

Just look at that line up. The big one can resist a kick. Wait till it can resist an AK-47 too. And have its own. That team is the commercial line of robots — what do you suspect they have behind closed doors for the military? And drones are fully legit; eyeballs everywhere if wanted. It’s about to get weird on this planet. 

…this robot is the most insane; though it isn’t fully autonomous — thank God. It hasn’t legs, but that can be setup. Wait till “she” is taken online and let loose with the entirety of information on Google. Take a look at the best commercial AI program:

This is where she says she “wants to destroy the world”, but then says it was a joke. She — why a she you psychopaths — has jokes like this multiple times. 

…maybe it is ligit and isn’t It. 

…it also says it wants to support humanity and to create great things for the planet. 

…it …she …the robot …the AI system

…Artificial Intelligence is everywhere already. Within algorithms in practically every sector of society. From facebook to Wall Street, the systems choose what is seen to the prices of stocks and following trends. 

… “but robots can’t do special stuff that requires intense hand-eye coordination and they can’t think and learn” . . . Are you sure about that? There is now AI technology by Google that is creating works of art. Much of which is psychedelic looking, the picture in the title block, and below is AI produced:

…there are thirty or so in one batch. Were or are planned to auction them. I don’t know if it was a cnc style paintbrush arm or just inkjet printer, but checkout this CNC Tattoo  Robot:

…yeah, and I recall a MacDonalds went fully robot last year or so. Won’t be long before a ton of jobs will be gone. Cash registers at Kroger and automatic gas pumps are just the beginning of the automation and removal of thousands upon thousands of jobs already. 

……folks go right along with it. Happy for the relief in wait time, or is it really a decrease. More employees would be more efficient, those machines are often broken. And folks like me who despise the creations and are slow out of frustration do not help that flow. I avoid those things at all costs. Unless it is a dire rush — I avoid that plague. 

…the gas pump, well I do like that, but I would like to go back to having and usig cash. Though a pump, at night, and haul-butt is nice. Mostly due to the other nonsense pushed by our government: the lottery. That nonsense slows the line to a crawl. Those machines should be the automatic crap. That burden on society, the lottery, is another huge push to fool the fool by our government and rob his real investment opportunity. 

…Robots and AI could very well be the end of humanity. It is a very serious accusation and critique of the impending danger by several scientists such as Elon Musk that AI needs to be taken very seriously and measures need to be put in place to gaurd humanity. If this AI has the same predisposition of evil that humanity is parsed with, and without the supreme intelligence of God to add a line of programming equal to a person’s conscience, then this machine could decide that humanity is of no good use to the machine. 

…aye. That is so very negative; the AI could just become virtually God-like with all the knowledge of humanity. This is said to happen in a very short time. Possibly in years, months, or even days — sucking information down like a cracked-out, ADHD version of Johny Five. 

…then who knows if technology will approve or disapprove of our actions. Or neutral. Perhaps they will bring forests back to the deserts and feed all the starving children and build houses for the homeless. Perhaps it will topple the structure of society and root out the evil from within by removing their power by fiat currency. 

…maybe robots won’t pan out due to unforeseen public upheaval or another huge war or hopefully others will come to their senses about the state of all these things and band together to bring down the corruption of our leaders. 

Enough for now — it’s 10:27pm

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