November 9, 2017 (1) phone interview 

The phone interview for Sikorsky went down exactly on time, at 11:00. 

…I went near the spot where I’ve done several interviews in years past. Parked on the side of Monteith Road, beyond the range of normal traffic. I parked in the spot that the police harass drivers from. 

…actually had a cop cruise by and ask if I needed assistance. Though I was standing behind my trunk with my resume, notes, and questions written across three pages and a pen in my hand. 

The position is almost exactly a mix of my Gulfstream experience and most recent position wrapped into one. The tooling that will be designed within the position “will be anything from the size of a pen to the size of a house. With much of the work dealing with containers for shipping and protection from scratches, dents, and the like. 

…the team will be 6 – 7 designers under the lead, with each designer having approximately 400 MEs to support. The position role may vary to some degree from day to day. They use laptops, so that you may roam around the compound; you will not be behind a desk much. 

…it all sounds pretty great. The lead and manager whom I spoke with appear to be kind, but busy and motivated. They plan to interview for two weeks, having the position filled just after Thanksgiving. 

…my notes, from the interview:

  • Legacy aircraft 
  • Material handling (containers)
  • SAP – repository 
  • Containers, gears, etc

He asked about relocation qualms. And said about the temperature today of near freezing (36 I think). “I actually want to do some cold resistance training”. . . Well you can definitely do that here, haha. 

12:07pm, Thursday 

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