October 30, 2017 (420)

Glad to be back in Colorado!!

Thanks to Mom for this first batch of medicine. I used twenty of that forty bucks you gave me for it. I used the actual bill, hehe, so thanks. 

…the herb is Glass Slipper, on sale at 50% off. It is of premium quality, of the highest grade, and it shows with use!

…I was hood winked a bit as it was displayed as a sativa, but is hybrid. I want a pure, strong sativa preferably. 

…I did buy a charger, otherwise this phone would be absolutely dead right now. 

It is snowing in Trinidad. I haven’t seen snow in 7 years or so. 

Time is running to post at 4:20, here are pictures:


This message has been noted as 420 so that I may easily take it down in the future as needed. But I don’t think it will come to that. 

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