October 23, 2017 (3)

That picture is extra dreary because my camera lens is broken. The rain at Forsyth finally ended. It poured for nearly an hour. The car kept me dry, but I sat in the drizzling rain in the grass at Forsyth. 

Before my juice, I parked and then followed a loud horn sound that I never found the source of. Ended up barefoot at the library to tinkle. 

…then into the park for a bit and I heard the horn in another direction, both times it blew long and loud for around twelve second bursts. I never found the source again; it stopped just as I seemed to be near. Thought it was a fire truck, I guess, but none were to be seen. No one else seemed to hear the blasted sounds. 

That led me down towards River Street, then back to Forsyth after a bit. 

I’m beginning to think that I won’t be getting an aerospace job again. Though I’m not entirely sure what else I will do. I have only applied to aerospace design or tooling design, etc and have barely gotten any bites. But more than that, my gut tells me that I won’t get another position like that now. 

All for the better, always. I’ve always trusted my gut, but I’m letting it take over now and I have no clue what is next. 

I tell you what I want for the short term. Some parts have begun to occur already, finally. Just in the nick of time.

  1. Have the house repaired and rented (or sold). 
  2. Go see my nephews in NC
  3. Go back to Colorado and beyond to CA & WA. 
  4. Find a job

I still have nearly a month of UI remaining. The house is within days of being lived in by sane people. Then I have a family ready to move in. I’m not even doing the repairs, allowing me to do my thing. 

…a job will come, just in time, I’m certain. 

I am thinking of something outdoors, mayhap with permaculture or find a homestead to work with. Weld some stuff, build some stuff, and figure out what is next. I don’t see aerospace happening, but there is a magnetic company that is working towards an energy device that is nearly the same as the idea that has been in my head for five years and I may pursue that place. Besides that, I have basically zero ambition right now except to free up my time. 

With the rain at a standstill, I think I’m gonna head towards River Street and walk by the river. It is nice out. 


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