October 23, 2017 (222)

Feels like I’ve already written this out once, but with its crazy nature, I may not have. 

My 222 story.

On the last time that I met with my ex, a bit after the initial separation and before the divorce, I took a trip to North Georgia. I went for Thanksgiving — to run from my lonely space and to spend time at a larger meal, with more folks. To see my favorite cousin and his family. (I’m not ashamed to say who the favorite is, if you don’t know — it’s the old redneck guy who used to be a husky kid that lived on the other side of the woods, whom was my number one playmate as a kid). As his family feels like one step closer than they actually are. 

Had met at the Waffle House in Garden City in the afternoon, to give her a letter (and perhaps some cash). To see her again, to clear my words between her and acknowledge our separation’s finality. It was bittersweet to say the least. 

I cannot remember for certain on the exact alignment of events, yet I believe it was just before arriving to meet her (or just after). I was driving along and looked down to see the odometer reading, the trip-ometer. The reading showed 222.9. Quickly, it flashed to 223. CRAZY, how neat to see. I reset the trip-ometer. 

Onward to Atlanta, I had the map and directions. This was before I ever had a smartphone. I had great income, but the mindset of a saver and refused to get a “smart” phone. So my directions were on the seat beside me; I wouldn’t need them for a couple hundred miles. The interstate (I-16) goes straight and boringly towards Atlanta. 

It began to feel near the exit and so I looked at the trip-ometer. 


Then it flashed to 223 in an instant. My jaw dropped to the floor and looked up to see an exit sign coming soon. 

Exit #222

I looked at my paper directions for confirmation. I looked up to see several more exit 222 signs and began to realize the insanity of events. 

Never crossed my mind that the exit was 222, never paid mind since it was a minor detail. Upon arrival to the Thanksgiving, I was invited in and assaulted by hugs and questions. An onslaught of query regarding my job and my situation. It is odd to leave your standard Thanksgiving for another, enough as it is, even if it is with extended family. 

It cleared out to a few of us before long and then I told about my experience with 222 on today. Not a single person connected with me on the events. “Just a crazy coincidence”. 

Yes, crazy. “Though you don’t perceive how insanely coincidental that actually is? The first time, sure, neato mosquito 222.9. But then the second time. I was flying down the highway at around eighty two miles per hour and I just happened to glance down during the only half-second that that number was displayed during the trip. There was no plan. There was no intention to see. And then to look up and see all those signs at 222. It was overwhelming to me. It is crazy!!

But still, to this day, I’ve only had a couple select folks who even believe me. The others must assume I’m either lying or not understand that there is significance in strange things. Though I couldn’t put my finger on it till later. 

It was just the beginning of my numbers days. It was well into the time of seeing 11:11, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, 10:22pm (22:22) all the time. The coincidences seemed to be piling up. And I only had one person to relate to for all that. She and I became very close due to our similarities of these coincidences. Due, too, to the total disbelief of others. 

That was 2013.

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