October 23, 2017 (2)

You just read for the 222 story, right. If not, you may as well go back to read that one first. 

I had been deep into personal finance topics. On to reading blogs that have forever helped to morph me into bits of what I’ve become. Has helped to shape my distrust for the modern structure of society and yearn for more. The foundation is strong due to the ERE blog and several others and expect to re-read many articles when I feel the urge as I have on occasion. This guy, Jacob, revealed to me many hidden truths and introduced me to personalities.  

During the time, I had just begun talking with my new friend. Though there was no “intention” with her until after I severed my contract with my ex; that was yet to fully occur. There actually wasn’t “intention” for quite a bit because I didn’t know that I (personally) could be attracted to a black girl. 

I am nearing the point of off-topic. She was my friend to relate to over the coincidences. She was highly intrigued. She was devoted to the cause. She was in my same crazy boat. Seeing the numbers all the time and wondering what it meant. 

“What it means??!! Are you actually insane girl!!??” Was my first reaction. It was my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, until the day I noticed my license plate showed her favorite number. The # 13. And I’m still unsure why, mostly. (Errr, this was well after I ditched the ex). 

During my blog days, I literally had eight hours of every 10 hour work day as free time. The work was slow and I was quick. The business is feast or famine and we were deep into a famine. I hung out with the smokers, outside, for a good hour or two each day and stole an extra half-hour of lunch break. I acted like I was working on occasion. Otherwise, I advanced my intellect. 

I was introduced by ERE to the MMM blog and began to read all of his blog since I’d already read several years worth of Jacob’s blog. Basically his entire history of posts. MMM lives in Boulder, Colorado. He touts his moderately rich lifestyle of stoic badassness and minimalism to be the best there is. I agree largely, admittedly honoring his lifestyle, I disagree to parts while wholeheartedly embracing other aspects. 

I looked up stats and figures. Created excel sheets — narrating the pros and cons of different aspects of life (I am realing now, that this is still while I’m with ex — not during the days of my friend, because I was showing the ex all these tables about school costs vs advantages and prices on housing, etc). 

I examined a trip to Colorado in my truck versus a car and one of the statistics showed these findings, which I really cannot replicate due to it being undocumented and several years ago with other factors that I can’t fully recall:

Distance: 1111 miles 

…looking now, shows around 1300 miles. I cannot really say my exact to-from. But I remember doing a couple variations on gas, mileage, economics, etc. I was in mode of calculating costs, hugely, yet another number that was easily assumed for the trip was 222. 

Strange, but not like the soon to come 222 story. Anyhow, I was destined to go to Colorado. Due to my days at Gulfstream. Due to those two numbers. 

Due to coincidence. 

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