October 22, 2017 Dream 

In the dream, there was a realization by a friend that his dream wasn’t real. That he awoke in a world that wasn’t his. Then decided to discover the reality by scientific analysis. He would dream and then see which path took him back to the real world or back to the world that he had reached in the dream. But then there was s problem of not knowing how he could realize which dream he took. 

Yet since he could only take the single path, how could he know which world was correct? He eventually had a grid set up with pictures of Earth drawn into a matrix. There were thirty across on the top and each time that he dreamed, he analyzed the results to determine which he had been in and found out that none had the characteristics of his world. 

So I tried to assist with his madness and we each took a path. I ended up in a dream that took me to a kitchen where I felt just at home. There were people that I knew, but they didn’t know me. And then I awoke and saw that none of those worlds could have possibly been real because they were missing parts like clouds. There was a reason that was crazily obvious but unknown at the same time. Something was missing, but couldn’t tell what. 

On the note after last night and saying that I spent a week with a day’s worth food for nearly a week and only two days’ worth sleep for the same time frame:

I slept 10 hours and I feel fine upon awake. I had eaten raw honey by the spoon, dipping into sunflower seeds. 

I may still need catch-up sleep, yet it doesn’t really feel like it. 

…about to go to my house in Rincon and see if any work was completed. All is good, even if not, but I’d love to see some flooring or a tub complete. 


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