October 22, 2017 (3)

My friend, who is helping with my house, is planning to rent the house soon. Really soon, in the next two weeks if possible. He and his wife are excited to gain a house and leave a double-wide in their past. They’ve been stuck there with 4 kids in a 3 bedroom house. They’ve been stuck in a place with poor insulation and an old, beatup a/c. 

He worked at my last job, in a different role than I, alongside me. I worked with him enough to know his personality and see where his ambition lies. I can say that he reminds me of my favorite cousin, but isn’t anything like him except for their heights. He has an a comfortable way about him and will break any rule that he needs without harming others and that reminds me of me. 

On yesterday, we drove up to the Restore (Goodwill or RedCross) to drop-off 2 lazy-boy recliners and the old blue chair that I’ve kept for many years. The one from back when we lived in the red house/trailer. 

…I hung out with the lady in the back and the other unpaid workers. I was once one of those unpaid guys and thankfully am beyond that day. While I did, my friend and his house went looking for construction supplies to rebuild the kitchen. 

… I’m told that they went to the big-box store on the previous night to see what they wanted to design. As they need countertop, sink, tiles for the kitchen, along with bonus cabinets that I didn’t get before. So anyhow, the tile they dreamed over was some slate looking stuff, perhaps slate itself. I don’t know or care!! I couldn’t give one damn, honestly, but they did. At the big-box it was like 2-3 bucks per tile (2.60 maybe), which is waaaaaay over budget. 

…I’m told that they sat in the truck to pray over the project, that they could get the stuff wanted and make the design happen. The tiles inside weren’t like the ones they wanted. They were the exact ones! At fifty cents each. Not enough to do the whole job, but enough to break the overall cost by at least half.

I told them later about his prayer comment, how it is funny. That is the same way he walked into this opportunity with me. He asked about my house on the perfect day a few weeks back. He didn’t just ask like everyone else and then offer to help in the future; he asked that he could live there, that we could work something out. (Maybe — I was not sure really). 

…I had been praying over my problems and asking for help and guidance. Not knowing what an answer was for me, but knowing that his financial situation isn’t that great either. I basically passed off the idea and said “maybe we could work it out”. But I didn’t think it could — with him. So I slept on the idea.  

…Long story, shortened, there was a test of faith for a week for me, as he had several problems arise. And now it’s happening, for real. 

All this time that he has reminded me of my cousin. I really can’t put my finger on. Then he looked me in the eyes, shook my hand with a tight grip, and sincerely thanked me. And I knew he meant it. I damn near hugged him over it, honestly, he reminded me fully of my cousin there. 

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