Maybe it’s just the full moon . . .

But I had to leave on the spot. Been trying to patiently wait for a week, but it was all for naught. Can’t say I didn’t enjoy myself with the kids and my free day at Forsyth. And the New Years Day replica meal tonight. Those kale greens made the whole house smell like an old man with wet farts but they tasted wonderful. 

And I’ve time to think over the predicament. Yet not in the way I want, as in I need to leave the area and feel that I must. As if this opportunity need not be wasted on yet another predicament. So, I stopped short of Augusta, at a Walmart, to sleep for the night. About 10:30, I rode back to a spot by the RVs and slowed by a truck with a fellow unloading the green bins. Helped the guy a bit with his bagging. He ended up offering payment for help which I turned down, but he re-offered and I accepted. Let’s see how much it was, just stuck it in my pocket with thanks. Ahh 8 bucks — thanks again. I just felt he needed assistance for what turned out to be correct assumptions and he gladly accepted it. And I woulda just been sitting here recapping my emotions anyway, so I figure that the ant bite on my middle toe’s knuckle is the only downside to that interact. So, I already wrote the paragraph below:

Tarrence (not sure on spelling) was an interesting fellow. I talked with him a bit, we exchanged stories and laughed a bit. He had a job to collect all the green-bins of donated clothes. Separates all the clothing from shoes and trash and rebags to resale by bulk. There were a couple ladies out there, I forget their names, who were recently out of jail and in desperate times; they got two car loads of clothing, purses, and shoes. They’ll be selling them in some way. The women were so excited, as if on a shopping spree and giggling about all the stuff to sell. 

The women hugged us both and hurried away, but then circled back to offer food and drinks from the BurgerKing. They were overly pleased by the blessing he brought in their tough times. We both turned it down, it was kind of them though. 

…yeah so I made my first 8 bucks today as a nomad; I’m imagining I’ll try to hit some Craigslist ads for day labor gigs when I get a chance. But the main goal is still aerospace design if at all possible. I just need a change in scenery, climate, social atmosphere, opportunity; the list could continue. I’m bored of the same flat dirt, I need an environment I can enjoy, where mountains are near and the humidity levels aren’t 100%, I miss the weather of Athens, GA where the air was cool, breezy, and dry. I’d love to find a place that is pedestrian/bike friendly and live near work, tired of the car slog through traffic and to a home where I don’t want to be. 

…I asked my nephew his address because I almost turned his way or to my good-friend’s house in VA, but I should go west. But maybe the Boston, MA job comes true and I travel there after. Perhaps I can get the Texas or MT or Washington state or Mississippi job. There’s options everywhere so that it almost makes since to go to the center of the USA, which happens to be here (thanks to google map images):

No I meant Colorado, and that’s pretty close. See:

I just wish the car wasn’t an issue. I kinda just took this truck. And it’s not the most reliable, yet compared to an utterly broken car with an unknown resolution, the truck is pretty reliable. 

The road is open. I imagine my favorite cousin will be delighted enough to see me on his Saturday. Perhaps I’ll go to the ball field where he coaches his little girls softball teams. Maybe I can even get him to race me in a sprint. I know I signed up for that race and have intentions to attend, but it’s two full weeks away and I’m leaning towards Colorado and I have absolutely no clue about a race for me. 

…if anything, I’m surviving on gut instinct and hoping for the best and attempting to find something in the process. 

9/9/2017 12:27am

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