Scrap Autos

The problem I see with our vehicle situation is a lack of reuse and this drives the upward cost of ownership. It stems from the desire of constant improvement which is inherent to each of us. This force is exacerbated by fashion and the alleged need for aesthetic changes each year. The need for new body panel designs to improve the effectiveness of our vehicles is hogwash and any differentiable quality is that of color or style which tends to be mild in contrast to the previous model. 

If I could have a reliable vehicle that isn’t slow, handles well, and is repairable in a cheap manner, I would never need to complain. Though with “constant improvement and change” there are no old replacement parts. Every part is custom; it’s almost as bad as aircraft design. A well-designed frame does not need change, nor does a great working engine. And even if it does need a design change to upgrade, then do that to all of them. It is silly to expect every person to keep buying this scrap crap that doesn’t hold up over time. It is a tax that kills every budget. 

…this was a few days ago, forget what it says but I’d love to edit and continue this one, but I’m just gonna put it up in incomplete thought format…


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