Now what 

While that is a dreary photograph of the sky above me, the light output is significant enough to drive sweat from my skin. So is like the new situation. On one hand I’m worried about hurting my support structure and on the other I’m extremely happy to be done with my newly, previous job.

The moral of the company is in poor condition except for within a selective group of employees. Not to trash-talk, but it hasn’t been a good fit for me in many months; I’ve been attempting to survive in a harsh climate and now I am in relief from its grasp. I wonder how many more unsuspecting, worried, struggling employees will lose their jobs as well. I wasn’t the first and doubt I’m the last. All without sufficient explanation or respect to say it was coming. Employers want a two week notice, but deprive its employees with such. It is shameful and should be able to be penalized for all the harm it causes to the employee. 


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