Stormy Night 

The weather was beautiful an hour ago. A bolt of lightning just struck and it was of such loudness that I had to check my hearing afterwards. Pulled over into the driveway of a business, I will wait a bit to get off the road-full-of-idiots. 

…game night Thursday was a failure tonight. Not a single soul showed so I left after forty five minutes and wound up in this condition. Though after ten minutes of monsoon, the sky is already clearing. The clouds are dispersing and floating away. 

…I wonder if I finished my thoughts on what I want from a vehicle. It was just a day or so ago; it is likely in draft stage. 

…I listen to podcasts that are in conversation format. The ones that offer stories of their lives, philosophy and lifestyle, and all the topics that typical interviewers won’t ask. It beats the pants off of the talk radio I used to listen to. Not just due to an easier way to skip commercials, but for the fact that that old method of show-writing where there are two minute clips and nothing but the “cliff notes” version of topics has never held my attention. I can’t hear the story in a finality version–I’d like to hear how and why the story took place. What drove you to that moment and why did you even want to do that? All that is missing in the mainstream stories and it is a shame. 

…back on the road—-I’m starving over here and want to eat. That 72 cent CarrotGold with Turmeric (woooo got 5$ off!!) was a great vitamin and filler, but now again, three hours later… starved. I’m at like 400 calories and it’s 7:30pm. 

August 31, 2017

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