3 (or 5?) mile round trip on foot

Run/walk to Kroger from house for cat food, a patch for the shorts I’m wearing, and a snack/drink. 

(flip-flops &/or barefoot)

…starting now !! (5:46pm Wednesday)

Break to stetch, rest, and deep breathing on the grass on frontage drive. 

That was great. I stopped for a long break on somebody’s yard — out by the road with trees between us. The traffic was raging with slowed cars on one side and hurried drivers on the side near me. Up on the hill, they could all watch while idling. Meditated a bit while ignoring the itching that turned out to be swollen bites. 

Grrrr….which do I use or which is more accurate??!!??

…apple map tells me it is 1.5 miles (google map says 1.8 miles) to Kroger, but then after my round trip, the phone says 4.9 miles. 

…repercussions to last week’s 25 miles could be reduced to 15 if my phone is off by 40%. 

The segment of 4.9 miles is broken into about 70 of these little chunks:

…so by taking into account that these chunks have a precision of 0.01 (one hundredth) of a mile [5280 x 0.01 = 52.8 feet]. 

…each chunk may be off as much as 50 feet. If these chunks are rounded upward, as expected, the results could be 70 x 50 = 3,500 feet (about 0.6 miles).

…But this doesn’t explain a 2 mile difference. So whatever. That’s part of the reason I don’t trust all these devices. And 3 miles sounds great anyway, especially since there were many barefoot sprints in there. I do want to check the odometer on the truck. I’m starving anyway. Think I’ll ride that way. 

8/30/2017 7:46pm

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