A Savage Break

The picture embodies the essence of the break: total gluttony available, if wanted. 

Yet there were no Honey Bun Mountains tonight. No pancakes, waffles, or anything much except that chocolate muffin at the coffee shop, just a few larabars, milk, and a minuscule shard of valium. I barely have eaten my calories for the day — though I am satiated. The valium may not even be large enough to affect me — around 1/6th of a yellow. I want to counteract that carafe of french-press Ethiopian coffee that had jacked me sky high. 

I’m skipping work day with hired help tomorrow as my short week does not support the funds. I hope to make it to Forsyth for sprints & juice in the early day. Then whatever else. 

I don’t want a break longer than the one day to start. I have to make certain I kick my full system into work mode. The time in which the body realizes, “this guy has to do this crap every day now, really?? Well now, we better beef up to handle the new demands!” This statement is coming out already, the signs are there with muscles growing with obvious changes. Sleeves are quickly tightening around my biceps and my bird-chest is even thickening. 

…beyond all that, muscles all throughout my lower body are mildly sore. Even the tops of my feet have muscle soreness due to barefoot running and sprinting. The outer buttocks is the sorest, likely from the weighted lunges. 

…ate pinto beans (Bojangles) for lunch and aimed to seize my cravings for onions at Dickies with Tanglers but the line was too long. I really need to go get a double shot of wheatgrass, then carrot juice with turmeric, then a beet/carrot juice; then follow-up with dinner of sauted onions and beef. THIS is my main objective for tomorrow; spreading the juices out over the afternoon, interspersed with training. 

…also, do my breathing exercises. I may join the cheap gym for deadlifts and the sauna–the sauna alone is worth the twenty bucks. 

Enough goal, plans rambling. Hopefully it will occur, but if not — here is my plan of a great and productive day. 




Jeeze it’s only 4 months till Christmas already. 

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