Quick Results 

Starting on the eclipse day, my training has ramped to extremes. I’m feeling great with running, unlike times in the past and I attribute this mostly to barefoot running. It has taken months of extra walking barefoot and increasing my threshold for pain and sensitivity. The ankles still feel worrisome at times, though barely. The ankles are just an old fear from having sprained both several times. But over the last several years, I’ve gained much flexibility and greatly increased my balance — decreasing the odds of dislocation. 

Jeeze I rambled there. 

I’ve covered 18 miles — mostly barefoot. During the remainder, I had only flip-flops. 80% has been on rocky, dirt paths with nearly 5% on asphalt. Otherwise in woodlands or grass.

Today was stellar, I am beginning to sprint an eighth mile stretch (give or take a couple hundred feet) at full tilt on grass or dirt. Asphalt, concrete, and rocks are challenging yet necessary within the training regime. I’ve yet to be cut though I’ve stepped on many sharp objects; it is amazing how dexterous the foot behaves. 

Monkey bars were possible but difficult; I did a single pass and stretched a moment on the parallel bars. The two chin-ups at lunch break should be enough to stimulate the back muscles into production. It is always fun seeing and feeling the new blood in your limbs, I can feel a dramatic difference within four days of activity whereby muscles are gaining hardness by each day. Also fun to see new patterns of muscle emerge from recently soft tissues. It’s always different, especially if your training regimen is different than the previous. 


Wooooo it’s 12:30am


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