recap 7/20/17

This week went fast finally. Work has been hopping and I have plenty to do. ‘Bout time. Today was board game night. Played some game with a new couple. There was a kid dropped off by his mom; he was 14ish, dunno, he won the new game. 

…then a regular showed. He had a brand new game (pictured), everyone else had to go, so the two of us played. It was cool — I got wooped on both games. Yet I rarely win the first play through–so I don’t care. I very well may be the victor next time — now that I have a scope of its world. 

…and now I just read for a couple late hours about kickstarter projects. Eh, it don’t sound super easy, but it never did. I’d just worry about the preKS campaign to round up support. 

….wheeeww 1:25; need to drop the obsession for some sleep and hopefully tomorrow will (work) slam by with 7 hours of frantic, relaxing CATIA. Under the pressure of need and without the ‘breathing downbthe neck’ from bosses. All will be well. But jeeze I’m sleepy; and hungry; I’ve eaten only one Larabar (an hour ago) and a coffee-monster and 2 bad ice coffees at work. ~500 calories for whom requires ~2400/day. I started to actually feel hungry around 10:20pm. 

….I ate last on midnight, last night.


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